When do we meet?

The Nashville Zen Center is a NON-residential Soto Zen Sangha. This means no one lives there, and there are no overnight accommodation facilities, unless you book a local hotel. We are only at the center at the times posted on this site.
Please ensure that you will arrive at least 10 minutes early.  This promotes mindfulness and a settled sit for everyone.
Newcomers to the Zen center who would like an opportunity to ask questions and recieve sitting instruction are asked arrive 30 minutes for the scheduled sit time for an orientation. If this is what you would like to do, please write us here so we know to expect you.
The Nashville Zen Center meets for regular group sitting here on:

  •  Every Tuesday at 7 p.m. We sit for two 25-minute sessions, with a 5 minute walking meditation between. This is followed with a short, informal dharma discussion and closing chant.
  •  Every Saturday at 7 a.m. We sit for three 25-minute sessions, with a 5 minute walking meditation after the first and second sitting periods. This is followed by the Heart Sutra service, and we are usually done around 9 am.

In addition to the sitting, we also have weekly activities during/right after the group sitting which helps support our practice.

  • Newcomer's Night on the first Tuesday of the Month. Before our regularly scheduled sit, we will be giving a brief "intro to Zen" class. One of our practice leaders will provide an orientation to Zen meditation (sitting) and the Zen forms and protocols: how to bow, stand, walk, and sit in the zendo (meditation room) From 6:30 pm to 7 pm. Then newcomers will be invited to sit with the group at the normal 7 pm start time . During the Dharma discussion, we'll touch on the basics of establishing a daily meditation practice. We'll also  attempt to answer any questions you may have. Why should you start a Zen practice? Come and try it!  You may register for the class by dropping us an e-mail.  We suggest a donation of $10 to help keep the Center open.  (However, if you're strapped for cash, we still want you to come!)
  • Coffee after the Sit on 1st Saturday of the Month. After group practice, we'll be meeting at Sip Cafe, just to socialize. Sip Cafe is just two minutes away from our sitting space. On the first Saturday, we will do our regular 3 rounds of sitting, close with the Heart Sutra service, then we'll head on over to the cafe. Missed the sit, but still want to come have coffee? By all means come! We'll be there from 9am to 11am.
  • Book Study on 2nd and 4th Saturday Morning of the Month. On Book Study days, after our usual 3 rounds of sitting and Heart Sutra service, we will read and discuss a few chapters from our current book, "Old Path, White Clouds" by Thich Nhat Hanh. You don't need have to read the book to join in the discussion. Reading the chapters before coming is not required! For information on the book we are reading and where we are in the book, read our news and announcments page. We make a weekly posts about our activities (including the book study) and you can sign up on the mailing list or on Facebook to get the posts.
  • One on One Practice Discussions on the 3rd Tuesday and 3rd Saturday of the Month. One of our practice leaders will offer one-on-one discussions during the regularly scheduled sitting. During the discussion, you can talk things you've encountered your practice and ask questions with someone who's been there. A private chat helps from time to time so we've put a two spots a month on the schedule for that.
  • All Day Sits, Outdoor Sits, and Retreats. On occassion, NZC will host All Day sits off-site at The Clubhouse in Bellevue, Outdoor Sits off-site in a park, and a Spring Retreat. This can change from year to year due to causes and conditions.

The best way to keep abreast of these special events is to subscribe to our news and announcements via our Facebook or our mailing list . Our Google Calender is also a handy-dandy device to keep up with us too.