5 a.m. sit this Saturday, January 2, etc.

The first early sit of 2010 is at 5 a.m. this Saturday; as usual, try to be there a few minutes early.  We'll take a break about 6:45 (or so) and start again at 7.  

For those of you not familiar, we do this each month. 




A Star is Born!

Students of the Way-  Many Kalpas in the making- the NEW Nashville Zen Center Website has been brought forth into the Realm of Humans.  Kiss your delusions goodbye!  This will no doubt be the epicenter of Cyber Awakening in Middle Tennessee.  We now take another tiny, yet momentous step, in fulfilling the 1st Bodhisatva vow- to free all beings...or at least those who access our website.  

Be sure and subscribe to "Page Updates" in Broadcasts- to get the latest news of NZC happenings and events.  Make a donation via the handy "Donation" link- Check out our Media center, the central repository of our photos, videos, and audio offerings (coming soon).  Tell all of your friends about us!  Then- get back on YOUR CUSHION!  Holiday Blessings to all. 


Nyoze Nat Brown




a fine addition to our "tools". 

Brett and Bob- 

Great job.  Having everything in one place will be wondrous and beyond concepts and ego! Today's koan: 

What was our website before the Internet was born?  



No Book Study til February 6th, 2010 

For the holidays, and in consideration of all the special events we'll be involved with over the next few weeks, the NZC Book Study will be deferred and in remission until February 6, 2010.


Jukai Ceremony, Dec. 12th

On Saturday, Dec. 12, we will conduct a Jukai ceremony, at which time five of our friends will take the basic vows of Soto Zen Buddhism. At that time, Jeff, Eric, Stephanie, Brett and Dave will receive Buddhist names and wagesas.

The ceremony will take place at 8 a.m.  We will have a normal 7 a.m. sit that day, the second Saturday of the month, the weekend after Rohatsu. If anyone else is interested in the Jukai ceremony, we anticipate doing it again in about six months; please ask Nat, Susan or Bob for details.