No 7 a.m. Sit at 12South D.C. Saturday, Feb. 27

We will instead be sitting all day at Stephanie's in Franklin; please see details of the All Day Sit in Members-Only Broadcasts, or Contact Us if you want to join in.  We will be back to the normal schedule at the Dharma Center as of Tuesday. Look for no-yak Sunday sits starting in March!


All-Day Sit Update (Feb. 27)

Details and schedule for the All-Day Sit at Stephanie's home in Brentwood have been posted on the Members Only Broadcasts; hopefully anyone interested in the sit is subscribed to the Broadcasts and already knows.  If you're interested in attending but aren't on the Broadcasts for some reason, let us know; we're asking for a $25 donation, which includes sitting space and a spaghetti lunch provided by Dave and Stephanie.  

The sits is scheduled to begin at 7 a.m. and we'd prefer that you sit the whole day, but if you have to break it up, you do what you gotta do.  Sensei should be joining us at some point in the afternoon.  The sit is scheduled to end at 5:30.

If you've been sitting for a while but have never been to sesshin, this is a good way to get a taste of extended zazen.  The rest of us will just sit there.  Email questions to info@nashvillezencenter.org, or just email me.

Kozan Bob


NZC Donations Letters for 2009 Were Sent by Email

If you donated to the NZC in 2009 and didn't receive a copy of your Donations letter for tax purposes, please contact us at info@nashvillezencenter.org.   The emails were sent early February 9.  Also contact us if you need a hard copy of your letter via snail mail.  Thank you for your continuing support of the Nashville Zen Center in 2009 and into 2010!


Book Study resumes this Saturday, Feb 6th

Book study participants, please log in to the site and check the Discussion area for details and other topics regarding the resuming of our book study in the new year.




Sat. 7am sit cancelled for Jan 30th 2010

Due to weather conditions this evening, and the fact that businesses and shops are closing early all over town since late afternoon, and the fact that it's still coming down outside and isn't going to get any better by early morning, we are canceling the 7am sit this Saturday, January 30th.

We encourage everyone to "sit where you are" on Saturday just the same.  Be safe.