Book Study this Saturday! May 15, 2010

We will continue with our study of Uchiyama's Opening the Hand of Thought this Saturday beginning at 9:00 a.m. We'll focus on Chapter 5 and, as time permits, move into Chapter 6.


We Will Sit Tonight as Usual

We've sat through tornadoes, abandonment, lightning storms, misdirection, wind, rain, Spiritual Materialism, and many things far worse than a little left-over water.  We'll be sitting tonight at 7, please join us!


5:00 a.m sit this coming Saturday, followed by book study

Everyone is wholeheartedly invited to join us to sit this coming Saturday, beginning at 5:00 am. Book study, beginning at 9:00, will follow the sit. We will be continuing in Uchiyama's Opening the Hand of Thought, focusing on chapter 4.


Skype Conference with Sensei Taiun Michael Elliston, 7:00 Wednesday, April 28

For all regular sitters: Anyone interested in meeting via Skype with Sensei to discuss Dogen's vow (which we will distribute to all interested parties before our meeting) is welcome to participate. Only prerequisite is downloading Skype, which is free. For more information, please contact Susan at by April 26.  


Next Book Study Meeting...

...will be May 1st, after our regular sit. We will be continuing with our reading of Uchiyama's Opening the Hand of Thought, with a brief review of Chapter Three followed by a discussion of Chapter Four. Jeff DeLuca will be discussion leader.