Sit begins at 5 a.m. this coming Saturday, Oct. 2

While we welcome all comers to all our sitting sessions when they can come, we especially encourage everyone to come for longer sitting periods. This coming Saturday, we will have an extended sitting opportunity. In addition to our regular sit and service that begins at 7 a.m., this coming Saturday (and every first Saturday of each month) we offer everyone the opportunity to arrive at 5 a.m. and sit for two 45-minute periods (with 5 min. kin hin in between) until 6:30, followed by a break until we begin again at 7.


5 AM sit this Saturday!  

Celebrate YOUR liberation/ independence from Delusions (yeah, right)! by joining us at 5 am.  Then stick around for MORE sitting at 7:00!  


5am sit this Saturday

Just a reminder that with next Saturday (7/3) being the first of the month, we will have a 5am sit, followed by a short break, and then onto our usual 7 am sit.


Book Study, Saturday, June 19, 9 a.m.

Bill F. has graciously agreed to facilitate.  He has asked me to request that attendees be ready to discuss Chapt. 6 and Chapt. 7 of the book currently being read.  The Book Study starts a break following the normal 7 a.m. sessions.  


5 a.m. Early Sit this Saturday, and a Book Study

This weekend we'll have our monthly 5 a.m. sit, followed our regular meeting, followed by a Book Study.  Those not interested or able to sit at 5 are welcome to join us at 7 as usual.  The Book Study begins at nine.  Come sit down!