Jukai Ceremony, Dec. 12th

On Saturday, Dec. 12, we will conduct a Jukai ceremony, at which time five of our friends will take the basic vows of Soto Zen Buddhism. At that time, Jeff, Eric, Stephanie, Brett and Dave will receive Buddhist names and wagesas.

The ceremony will take place at 8 a.m.  We will have a normal 7 a.m. sit that day, the second Saturday of the month, the weekend after Rohatsu. If anyone else is interested in the Jukai ceremony, we anticipate doing it again in about six months; please ask Nat, Susan or Bob for details.



Rohatsu celebration, Dec. 5th

Please join us for our Rohatsu Celebration on Dec. 5, which begins with a special 3 a.m. sit, and follows our regular 7 a.m. meeting with an event in which we celebrate the Buddha's supreme attainment by eating cake.


Time change for Saturday meditation

In order to allow for 3 sessions of zazen (plus 2 sessions of kinhin), which gives us enough time for practice discussions, the Saturday meditation now starts at 7 am.  This change was made by the NZC board, and was retained after positive feedback from members.

The other Saturday events (once monthly 5 am meditation, twice-monthy after-meditation book study) continue as before.

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