July "Intro to Zen" Class pushed back a week.

Remember y'all:

We've cancelled the Intro to Zen class for this Saturday (7/1) but moved it to next Saturday (7/8).

We'll just be having regular sitting this Saturday.


~ Steph



Tuesday Night at 7 pm | 2 sits and 1 talk

Tonight, the emperor wears no clothes as we discuss authority and lack thereof in Zen and Life. I’ll be reading from Charlotte Joko Beck’s imitable “Everyday Zen”.  It’s sobering straight-forward book that I value a lot. 


Saturday Morning at 8 am | 3 sits and 1 Heart Sutra Service

Just a regular Saturday. Our usual Saturday service of three rounds of 25 minute sitting and chanting the Heart Sutra Service. Coffee, cookies, and conversation afterward. But *just* cookies and conversation afterwards because . . .



Sorry, gang. We are moving the Intro to Zen Class to next Saturday and canceling it for this Saturday. Nat is out of the country and I’m moving into my new house that day. We will be in a much better place to give a much better class next week. If you’ve emailed us saying you’d like to attend the class this month, expect an email from us the next few days.


Reminder:  Nashville Secular Meditation is on Summer Recess until 7/23. So they’ll resume no frills, simple sitting 4 Sundays from now.


I’m really looking forward to seeing you guys tonight. I’ve *really* missed you. Sorry I haven’t posted. June is the month that I decided my life wasn’t chaotic enough and I then decided to buy a house and go through surgery all in the same month. Go big or go home, right?

Anyway, I’m fully recovered, I’m moving in this weekend, and I’ll be back to regular sitting with you fine folks soon. How much better could my life get? Genuinely: my life is filled with nigh unbearable joy.


๐Ÿ’•~ Steph



Tuesday Night at 7pm | 2 sits and 1 talk 

I’ll be reading from Brad Warner’s “Don’t Be A Jerk”, an adorable little book in which contains lots of light-hearted swearing and Flintstones references. This is Warner’s attempt to drag Dogen down to us, the uninitiated masses. But come and hear and awe how even something like “Don’t Be Jerk” gets twisted in Dogen’s head trip inducing prose.

Even still, it’s good advice on how to do right. It moved me anyway. I can’t wait to hear what y’all think though.



Saturday Morning at 8am | 3 sits and the Heart Sutra Service 

Three 25 minute rounds of sitting, folks! Plain and simple! The Heart Sutra after the sitting. Coffee, Tea, and Cookies after that.



Want something even more plain and simple? Sure thing!

The Nashville Secular Meditation Group is meeting this Sunday morning at 9am.

No Chants. No Sutras. Just Sit. 


Intro to Zen Class *this Saturday* 6/3 at 10am 

New to Zen? Curious as to what this “just sitting” stuff is about? Well, you’re in luck. It’s first Saturday of the month. That means we are hosting our Intro to Zen Class. If you want to know all about Zen Buddhism, how it got that way, and how to do sitting meditation, then come Saturday at 10am. We only ask that you bring a $10 donation to the center, if you can, and bring lots of questions in all cases. Hope to see you there!



~ Steph



Tuesday Night at 7 | 2 sits and the Book Study

Third Tuesday of the month means we are going over a chapter of Old Path, White Clouds by Thich Nhat Hahn.

Which chapter? 61: The Lion’s Roar. In which the Buddha explains the 12 Link Chain of Co-dependent Origination and a lady interrupts his lecture to angrily proclaim he is the father of her wood block.

We’ll listen to the chapter played aloud and then we will discuss.



Saturday Morning at *8am* || 3 sits and the Heart Sutra Service

Three rounds of 25 minute sitting and a sutra service. Maybe the Heart Sutra. Maybe not. We switch it up sometimes. You can’t predict us. We can’t predict ourselves! 

But they’ll be sitting and a bit of ritual at the end. Then coffee and cookies. You can count on it.



Even that bit of ritual too much? No-Prob, Bob! Nashville Secular Meditation is meeting this Sunday at 9am.

~ Steph


Zen This Week: The Secret to Meditation III & New Sat. Sit Time

Tuesday Night at 7 pm | 2 sits and 1 Discussion
Like any good revolutionary regime that promises to utterly transform your life, this one comes to you in 3 easy installments. Tonight Nat continues with his exposition on his sit-right-quick scheme "The Secret to Meditation".
Come, Come! Hear, Hear! This, the Grand Finale!
Saturday Morning at 8 am | 3 sits and the Heart Sutra Service 
We polled just about everyone. Most are agreed that 7 am was too early, but that getting out after sitting at 9 am was too late a start to the day. So we split the difference at are now starting Saturday Morning Sitting at 8 am. What can I say? We are spineless compromisers!
So please join us this Saturday at 8 am for 3 rounds of 25 minute sitting and the Heart Sutra Service! Coffee, cookies, and aimless yet amiable chatting afterwards.
Still a stickler for 9 am sitting? Well, you are in luck.
Nashville Secular Meditation will still be sitting at 9 am this Sunday! So go check them out! On our site, on their Facebook and in person! I assure you. They are the most spectacular people.
As ever, we appreciate your venerable forbearance in a ever-transforming world.
~ Steph