Tuesday Night at 7 || Two Sits and One Group Discussion

Tonight, it’s just a plain group discussion about how stuff’s going with you. In practice, in work, in life, in relationships, whatever! It all gets mixed up when you live it anyway. I’ll kick it off with some thoughts. Everyone can chime in or duck out as much as they need. You know how we do.


Saturday Morning at 7 || Three Sits, the Heart Sutra Service and then Conclave

Y’all in the know know what the Conclave is. Everything’s an open secret around here.  

Speaking of, want to do the General Sangha Meeting at the end of the month? Last Tuesday (1/31) maybe? Nothing set in stone yet. Just drop me a line on Facebook or on the contact page of the website if that time won’t work for you and you’d still like to come. No date set has of yet.


 Sit with you soon, everybody. Try to have an amazing week ~ Steph


This Week in Zen: Diligence > Discipline?

Tuesday Night at 7 || Two Sits and One Talk

Afternoon, everybody! I’ll be giving the talk tonight. In light of possible personal resolutions proposed, I decided we should debate the difference between diligence and discipline. And why I think one is way more helpful than the other.


Saturday Morning at 7 || Two Sits, the Heart Sutra, and a Book Study 

We’re back to the book “Old Path, White Clouds” this Saturday. Chapters 56 & 57 for those of you keeping score at home!


We’re gonna have a general sangha meeting some time this month, if we don’t all get all iced out, washed out, or blown away.

Stay tuned!


Gassho and Lurves ~Steph


Iced out this Saturday (1/7)

Happy Friday, y'all
No sitting this Saturday morning (1/7) because we are all terrified and overreactive Southerners! 
But we should be back on Tuesday! We'll see how the weather holds out!
Tune into the website and Facebook and we'll keep you posted! —โ„๏ธ๐ŸŒจ



Happy New Year everybody! No sitting this Saturday (12/31)

No sittin' this Saturday folks!
Here's hoping you ring in the New Year well!
If not, no matter. We'll be up at 'em on Tuesday—Sittin' to ensure our new year goes swell.
It's been a privilege to travel through time with such a beautiful bunch of folks.
Thank you. You 
And see you next year, ya hear?
— ๐Ÿ’•๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽŠ

New Years Special: Reciting the 108 Gates of Dharma Illlumination

Sitting tonight at 7 everyone!
And tonight's special! We'll be reciting Dogen's 108 Gates of DharmaIllumination during the sit.
Be there or be square!