This Week in Zen: Rohatsu in our new abode!

**We are in our new home!**

Now we are meeting at

325 Plus Park Blvd

Suite 212

Nashville, TN 37217

 Just park out front and head up the steps; we’re on the hallway toward the right. Come by and see our swanky new digs!


 Tuesday Night at 7 || Two Sits and One Talk

Let’s all go through and existential crisis together, shall we? Tonight we discuss the philosophy of the existentialists, whether life is just what you make of it, and whether us zany zennies want anything to do with such a worldview.  


 ** Rohatsu starts this Friday at 7pm and goes until 7am Saturday**

 Let’s break in the new place properly!

Rohatsu is the annual celebration of the Buddha’s enlightenment. How do we celebrate this? Why, by sitting all up night, of course!

Starting 7 pm on Friday (12/9) night and ending at 7am Saturday morning (12/10), we will be sitting free form. Get up and strench your legs whenever you have need. Go lay down on the spare mats for a nap. Drop and drop out as you please!

We’ll be having a potluck with lots of coffee, tea, soup, cookies, chips, and all things that you will want to stuff your face with to stay awake.   


So come join us, whenever you can, however you can, celebrate the Buddha’s Enlightenment by practicing the most fundamental thing he taught.

Plus, food. We will have too much. Please save us from ourselves.


~ Happy Rohatsu Every Bodhi!


This Week in Zen || An eye for eye *seems* like a good price

Tuesday Night at 7 || 2 Sits and 1 Talk ||Final Tuesday At M.A.'s House

Tonight, I’m bringing back the Buddha, the Blue Forbearance Bear parable to talk about vengeance. It seems like it makes sense but, ultimately, it’s a raw deal for every Bodhi. 


Saturday Morning at 7 || 3 sits and 1 Move ||Final Saturday At M.A.'s House


Good News, Everyone! Time to move into the new place! So come down to Mary Addison’s for one final sentimental sit. Then let’s dust ourselves off and get to moving to 325 Plus Park Boulevard!

 We'd appreciate it *immensely* if you could come by and help out. We'll start at M.A.'s about 9.

Contact me if you have any questions! We have Facebook and a contact page on our site for these occasions!


Again, we can’t begin to express our indebtedness to Mary Addison. She has shared, with herculean forbearance,  her wonderful abode with us over these past 5 months. Our group was in jeopardy in July and she stepped in without hesitation giving us a place to sit and figure things out.


She will forever have the sangha’s thanks.


No Saturday Sit this week! (11/26)

Reminder: No Sit this Saturday! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Also: Our deep thanks to everyone that turned out for the Founder's Dinner.

Mary Addison made us a *bomb* lighting cake (decorated with an Enzo even!) and Nat boiled a great stew. Brews and Masuoka movies. It was a hoot!

And it goes without saying how profoundly grateful I am to have you all in my life. Not a day goes by when I don't think about that. 


Reminder: Founder's Dinner is tonight!

Tori No Mizutaki is on the menu and I've brought a variety of beverages!

 It's $50 or what you can afford.

All proceeds go to our guiding teacher Sensei, Michael Elliston, Roshi of the Atlanta Zen Center.


I look forward to the food but I treasure our fellowship most of all.


See you soon ๐Ÿ’•


All my Best ~ Steph


Scratch the Last Message- the Founder's Dinner will be NEXT TUESDAY NIGHT the 22nd

Sorry for the confusion!!  I must have been anxious to eat mizutaki!  All of the detail in the prio message are accurate..EXCEPT THE DATE.  Our Founder's month dinner witll be at 7:00 pm on Tuesday the 22nd at the zen center in Oak Hill.  See you there!