This Week in Zen || Gudo Toshku and Emperor Go-Yozei

Tuesday Night at 7 || Two Sits and One Talk

Storytime at the good ol’ NZC! Tonight, Abhilash will be giving his first dharma talk (yay!). He’s gonna tell us a story about olden people and ye olden days. I can’t wait! This is one I haven’t heard before!


Saturday Morning at 9 || Three Sits and the Heart Sutra Service

Remember! We are sitting at 9am on Saturday these days. So now you don’t have to choose between staying up late Friday night and getting your weekend sits in!


No Sit on this Sunday (2/12)  with the Nashville Secular Meditation Group! But they’ll pick right back up sitting on the Sunday after next (2/19).



Our google calendar is updated and works. Itty-bitty Improvements happening all the time.



~ Steph


This Week in Zen || Change in 2017!

Afternoon All!


So all the meetings have meet and here’s the highlights of what’s been decided for NZC in 2017

  • Saturday Mornings Sits are moving to 9 am due to popular demand! A later time, but the same three rounds of 25 minute sits and rousing Heart Sutra Service close that we know and love.
  • The Book Study is moving to the 3rd Tuesday night of the month! It will replace the Dharma talk on that Tuesday evening, but we’ll read aloud from the book so everyone who comes can follow along and join the discussion.
  • Easter Spring Retreat is on! Now we have to decide if we want hold it at the Silent Thunder Order retreat center in North Carolina or if we still want to do the tried and true Penuel Ridge retreat in Ashland City, TN. Whichever one generates the most interest and has the most commitments will be the one which wins.
  • We will be holding a couple of One Day retreats at the Park Palace Zendo to give us all an opportunity to better prepare for the long sits of the spring retreat. Right now one All-Day Saturday sit in February and another are in March are in the works. Dates To Be Announced.
  • Zen Movie night lives on! Our first Sangha dinner and movie will be held sometime in March!
  • Finally, join me in congratulating our own Abhilash on being given permission to sew a rakasu! He will be now giving the Tuesday night talks along with myself, Nat and Susan.

Thanks everyone for your input! I think 2017 going to be a great year for NZC!

Remember to join us this Saturday at 9 am!

And don’t forget our suitemates and Brethren and Sistethren in sitting! The Nashville Secular Meditation are meeting tonight at 6pm and this Sunday at 9am.

Loads of Sitting to be had all around!


~ Steph


Don't forget the General Sangha Meeting tomorrow night!

Evening All.
Please don’t forget to attend the general sangha meeting this Tuesday Night  (1/31) when we finalize the agenda of the NZC for 2017.
Subjects up for discussion?
Ø  Moving Saturday Morning Sits to a later time
Ø  Doing the Book Study on Tuesday nights
Ø  Scheduling outdoor sits
Ø  Talking about Retreats
Ø  Bringing Back Zen Movie Night
Ø  Whatever you want to talk about
It’s *your* group after all. You should be able to bring up and discuss any subject near and dear to your heart.
If you care about the Nashville Zen Center and our future, please attend. We sincerely value what each and every one of you have to say.
I am stupendously grateful to have you people and this group in my life
~ El Presidente Steph
P.S. If you can’t make it, but still want to have a say, please drop us a line on Facebook or on the site. We will read your comments at the general sangha meeting and discuss your concerns. I will follow up the meeting with notes.



This Week in Zen: “The Whole of the Holy Life” and Secular Sitting

Tuesday Night at 7 || Two Sits and One Talk

Susan’s giving the talk tonight. The subject? The practice of “good friendship” as it pertains to “the whole of the holy life”.

Be a pal! Come tonight and hear what our good friend Susan has to say!


Saturday Morning at 7 || Two Sits, One Heart Sutra Service, and the Book Study

4TH  Saturday of the month means Book Study! We’re still inching our way through “Old Path, White Clouds” by Thich Nhat Hahn. This week’s chapters are “A Handful of Precious Earth” (58) and “The Net of Theories” (59).


**Announcing a New Sitting Group! Nashville Secular Meditation**


Sick of the bells, whistles, and the ricketa-racketa? Just want to sit without seeing some dude dressed in black banging on about Buddha? Well, boy do we have a group for you!

Starting this week, the Nashville Zen Center will be hosting a Secular Sitting group whose stated mission is to “provide an opportunity to sit with others, without practicing or endorsing any particular creed or religion, spirituality, philosophy, psychology, or belief system.”

Just sitting, in other words. If the idea of that appeals to you, check them out on our site and on their Facebook .

Nashville Secular Meditation sits for about an hour on Wednesday at 6pm and Sunday at 9am. We’ll be carrying their news in our weekly announcements here.

You can do Zen sits, Secular sits and you can do both! Do whatever appeals to you! We’re all good friends here  . . . after all, the buddy system is “the whole of the holy life”!





Ok everyone. The NZC board has met. Now it’s time to bring all the proposals back to everyone else and hear what y’all have to say. This is when the decisions get made for what we do in the coming year. If you care about the future of NZC, I respectfully urge you to attend.

We have set the date for the General Sangha Meeting to be next Tuesday, the last Tuesday of the month (1/31) right after sitting. Please let us know if you will be coming via Facebook, via the contact form on the website, or in person tonight or Saturday. We want to be sure that this date will work for most of our members.


Your Sister in Sittin’ and NZC Prez,

~ Steph



Tuesday Night at 7 || Two Sits and One Group Discussion

Tonight, it’s just a plain group discussion about how stuff’s going with you. In practice, in work, in life, in relationships, whatever! It all gets mixed up when you live it anyway. I’ll kick it off with some thoughts. Everyone can chime in or duck out as much as they need. You know how we do.


Saturday Morning at 7 || Three Sits, the Heart Sutra Service and then Conclave

Y’all in the know know what the Conclave is. Everything’s an open secret around here.  

Speaking of, want to do the General Sangha Meeting at the end of the month? Last Tuesday (1/31) maybe? Nothing set in stone yet. Just drop me a line on Facebook or on the contact page of the website if that time won’t work for you and you’d still like to come. No date set has of yet.


 Sit with you soon, everybody. Try to have an amazing week ~ Steph