Zen This Week || The Arrogance of Health and Youth

Tuesday Night Sit @ 7 || 2 sits and 1 talk

“I used the teachings of the Buddha, Dogen Zenji, Sawaki Roshi, and Uchiyama Roshi to fulfill my own desires. This discovery completely broke my ‘arrogance of youth and health’. I saw clearly that my practice had not been for the sake of Buddha Dharma but for my own self-satisfaction.” 

Why would one of the most respected teachers in American Zen say this? I dunno. Come tonight and find out!


Saturday Morning Sit @ 8 || 3 rounds of sitting plus the Heart Sutra Service


First Saturday of the month means Intro to Zen Class *this Saturday* (10/7) at 10 am!


Outdoor Sit Two Saturdays from now!

When? 10/14 at 8am

Where? Edwin Warner Park, Shelter 7 (Map: http://maps.nashville.gov/NashvilleParksFinder/default.htm?parkFeatureID=42)

What? All day sit Saturday. Muffins for Breakfast; Soup for Lunch.

Cost? $10, if you can. But ok if you can’t. Still come.


Email or Facebook us any questions or random thoughts that pop up in your head!


This Sunday, Nat’s giving at talk on Buddhism at Sri Ganesha Temple at 3pm. It’s a part of a really cool event called the Annual Caravan Tour of Places of Worship. Basically, people sign up and ride buses to various places of worship in Nashville including a mosque, a synagogue, several churches, and, of course, the Hindu temple that Nat will be speaking at.

You can find out more about the tour and sign up on at the Islamic Center of Nashville’s website (http://www.icntn.org)

Or you can just go to the Sri Ganesha Temple at 3pm to hear Nat give a discourse on Buddhism.


Finally, I’d like to thank everyone that went to the Potluck/Opening Ceremony of Against The Stream’s new building. NZC will be moving in with ATS in November. We had a mind-blowingly good time there. ATS are super sincere students of Buddhism and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be sharing space with them.

*Deep Bows and Much Excite!*

~ Steph


Opening Ceremony and Potluck at new NZC location tomorrow (10/1 @6pm


If you want to take a gander at the new NZC location, please join us at 3123 Gallatin Pike to celebrate the opening of Against The Stream's Nashville new building this Sunday October 1st at 6pm.
NZC will be moving to this location in November. So if you want to scope it out and get some chow down with our ATS friends, please pop on by!




Zen This Week: The Move

Tuesday Night @ 7 | 2 Sits and 1 Discussion

Tonight, let’s discover what all those negations in the Heart Sutra mean to Shohaku Okumura *personally*. When we read his account in Living By Vow, we’ll find out how he figured it out only by making a long series of pig-headed mistakes. And that’s about how it works out for everyone. “The only way out is through”! Join us for what is likely to be a lively discussion.


Saturday Morning @ 8 | 3 sits capped off with the Heart Sutra Service. Then cookies and  coffee shared among friends.


Two Saturdays from now | Outdoor All Day Sit | Edwin Warner Park

October 14th at 8 am. Mark your calendars. More dets on this in the post next week



And it’s great news too. Our pals at Against the Stream have agreed to share their new building with us (located at 3123 Gallatin Pike).

Because they are a wondrously kind people and the bodily manifestation of the Buddha-Dharma.

We will be in our current digs at Plus Park for all of October and we will begin our tenure with our ATS friends at Gallatin Pike in November.

Stay tuned to the site and Facebook for developments.


Curious about what the new space is like? Well, you are in luck. A Potluck that is! Against the Stream is having a Potluck and an Opening Ceremony this Sunday, October 1 at 6 pm. A bunch of us are going. Come with us and check it on out!

I am super-excited about this new chapter in the NZC story. Let’s see what happens next!

~ Steph


ZEN THIS WEEK: Driftwood Surfing and Water Buffalo Riding  

Tuesday Night @ 7 | 2 Sits and 1 Book Study 

Hey Gang. We are still making our way through Old Path, White Clouds by Thich Nhat Hanh. Tonight is chapter 63: All the Way to the Sea. In which, the Buddha figures out that it’s good idea to feed teenagers more than once-a-day, he compares enlightenment to excellent driftwood surfing, and a monk wonders if riding water buffaloes is better than a princeship.

You don’t have to have the book to participate in the discussion. The book will be read aloud while we sip on tea and munch on cookies, then we’ll all discuss what we just heard.


Saturday Morning @ 8 | 3 sits and the Heart Sutra Service then cookies and coffee.


Outdoor All-day Sit | Saturday, October 14th | Edwin Warner Park

So we asked around and you told us an all-day outdoor sit in the fall would be nice. So that’s what we’re gonna do. Please join us at Edwin Warner Park for an all-day sit Saturday, October 14th.  They’ll be muffins for breakfast. Soup for lunch. And if all the stars align, a precepts ceremony.

Mark a spot on your calendars. And we hope to see you there.

~ Steph


This Week in Zen: Wanna know how I got these scars?

Tuesday Night Sit @ 7 || 2 rounds of sitting + discussion 

Tonight, we shall discuss when, if ever, is it appropriate to give yourself one wicked facial scar to get into a monastery? I’ll do my best to unpack the classic koan: My half-decade of experience wrestling with it and what it really means to sacrifice for one’s practice today.


Saturday Morning Sit @ 8 || 3 rounds of sitting + the Heart Sutra Service

Get in the sits, see the smoke and robes that go into a group recitation of what is basically an ancient revered 'gotcha' joke, and stay for the coffee, conversation, and baked goods. You guys like Pumpkin Muffins? I got a recipe I’m just dying to try out.


Intro To Zen Class this Saturday at 10am!

In the class, we give you a basic overview of Buddhist history, briefly breakdown what Zen is, and (the part that *really* matters) instruct you on how to do Zen meditation. Please bring $10 donation for the center if you can swing it. If not, still come. We'll be glad to see everyone.


Don't forget. The Secular Meditation group is still meeting on Sundays at 9am. Sign up on their Facebook page to get all the latest. 


Fall is coming. Ain’t y’all so excited? Or is it just me? ~ Steph