Zen This Week: Happy Birthday Buddha!

Tuesday Night @ 7am | 2 sits and a Birthday Party

Well kinda. It’s Hanamatsuri everyone! It’s the day we pretend to be real Buddhists for a bit and have a Spring Ceremony full of story-telling, chanting, and flower-offering. And we won’t be doing this in front of the bobble-head Buddha this time either! Abhilash is helping us get our act together. He got us *legitimate* baby Buddha statue to pour sweet tea over and throw flowers at.

So come on out! It should be fun.


Saturday Morning @ 9am | 3 sits and the Heart Sutra Service

Same Sit Time, Same Sit Channel. Come get your weekend kicked off right with an hour and half’s worth of sitting and the Heart Sutra to wrap it up. It’s great preparation for our Spring Retreat.


Zen Meditation Class Part 2 this Saturday @ 11 am

So have you been to our Zen 101 class and are curious to hear more?

Great! In that case, please attend the Part 2 of our Zen Meditation Class. In which, we will:

  • Dive deeper in to the teachings that make Zen  . . . well, Zen.
  • Discuss what the point is of all the Zendo protocols
  • What our chants are and why we do them

And, of course, more amazing sitting.

$10 for the class if you can, ok if you can’t. Let us know you are coming at info@nashvillezencenter.org.


Teachings? Protocol? Chants? Phish-posh! Isn’t the sitting this most *important* part?

Why, yes it is. If you want sitting with no fluff, check out the Nashville Secular Meditation Group.

It’s full of some of our favorite people and they meet at our zendo at 9am on Sundays.



When? Good Friday, April 14th until Easter Sunday, April, 16th

Where? Our place to spend Easter, Penuel Ridge, in wooded and Secluded Ashland City, just a half-hour’s drive from Nashville.

Cost? $80 per day or $240 for all three days ($40 if you plan to stay Thursday Overnight) 

Teaching? Taiun Michael Elliston, Roshi, our guiding teacher of the Atlanta Zen Center. He will be giving dharma talks throughout the retreat and doing dokasan (one-on-one practice interviews).

How? Click this link:  https://www.regonline.com/easterzazenkai

Follow the steps to register, select the days you are coming, use the secured checkout to pay. Site contains the schedule as well as some helpful info about the retreat.


Sidenote: I fixed a glitch that I didn’t catch until I registered myself this morning. You should only have to pay for the days you selected at checkout. If that doesn’t happen that way, please write us at info@nashvillezencenter.org.


If you’ve already registered, please check your email. Send a reply back to us and we will get you straighten out if you need straightening out.


Don’t have the cash to come? Don’t want to use the regonline site? That’s ok. Just write us at info@nashvillezencenter.org and tell us what you would like to happen.


See you guys soon ~ Steph



Tuesday Night @ 7 | 2 Sits and a Kōan

When, if ever, is it ok to cut up at cat to clear the air?

Tonight’s Kōan discussion comes to you in three parts. The original text, Dogen’s spin on it, and its application in a modern day temple. See if I can pull this off or if I flub it up! I’m bringing cashews and pecan sandies too!


Saturday  Morning@ 9am | 3 Sits and the Heart Sutra Service

Three 25 minutes rounds of Whole Hearted Sitting and a Sutra that sums up what it’s (not) all about. Come sit through the conundrum with us! Especially if you are planning to join us for the Easter Retreat.


Intro to Zen Meditation Class this Saturday at 11 am!

It’s the first Saturday of the month! That means it’s time for another Zen 101 class!

Get the downlow on Dogen. Find out what’s the Big Deal about Buddha. Figure out why we sit on our buns all day. Ask as many questions as you can carry in your head and get first-class Zen meditation instruction from our own Nyoze Nat Brown.

Suggested donation is $10 and you can register simply by telling us to expect you: Please Email info@nashvillezencenter.org


Nashville Secular Meditation sitting this Sunday at 9am.

If you get through the class and think “this Buddhism business might not be for me but these sits are all right”, the checkout Nashville Secular Meditation. No bells, no Buddha, just sits.



I promised you dets and now I’ve *finally* delivered.

Please check out this link for details and registration for our annual Easter Retreat:



Here’s the Highlights

Dates: Good Friday, April 14th until Easter Sunday, April 16th

Where: Good Ol’ Penuel Ridge in Beautiful Ashland City, TN (35 minutes from downtown Nash).

Cost: $80 per day or $240 for all the three days.

Teaching: Taiun Michael Elliston, Roshi, our guiding teacher.

Why: Because it’s pretty out there, we’d love to see you, I’m cooking tasty food, and sitting is good for what ails you.



(ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ ~ Steph


ANNOUNCING the 2017 Easter Retreat

Hey! I finally got it together! You can read all about it and  register for the Easter Retreat here! https://www.regonline.com/easterzazenkai

Our ​Annual ​Spring ​Zazenkai ​at ​Penuel ​Ridge ​will ​be ​from ​Good ​Friday ​April ​14th ​until ​Easter ​Sunday ​April ​16th ​(we'll ​be ​setting ​up ​the ​night ​before ​in ​the ​Thursday ​evening ​of ​4/14). ​Our ​esteemed ​and ​Venerable ​Abbot, ​Taiun ​Michael ​Elliston, ​Roshi, ​will ​be ​teaching ​and ​offering ​dokusan. ​Cost ​will ​be ​$80 ​per ​day ​or ​$240 ​for ​all ​the ​three ​days. ​Add ​$40 ​if ​you ​will ​be ​arriving ​and ​staying ​on ​Thursday ​night.

Nature ​in ​Abundance. ​Serene ​surroundings! ​ ​Beds, ​sheets, ​towels, ​(gourmet-vegetarian) ​meals, ​and ​1st ​class ​accommodations ​for ​zazen. ​How ​can ​you ​beat ​it? ​




Tuesday Night Sit @ 7pm | 2 sits and The Book Study

Yep. Book Study tonight.

The Book? Old Path, White Clouds by Thich Nhat Hanh

Tonight’s Chapter? 59: The Net of Theories, in which the Buddha discusses the competing cults and philosophies of his day.

No Book? No Problem! We read parts of the chapter aloud before discussion and there are copies of the book in the zendo so people can follow along. Absolutely everyone is invited to participate.


Saturday Morning @ 7am *again* | Tea Ceremony, A Half-Day Sit, and Heart Sutra

Yep! Starting at 7am again this week. A half-day sit 12th South style!

Tea Ceremony and two 40 minute sits with 10 minutes of walking meditation in between. After that we’ll take a break, get some biscotti and coffee and start our regular sit at 9 am (three rounds of 25 minute sits with the Heart Sutra to close us out).

Start at 7am and stay for the whole deal and you’ll have gotten a half-day’s worth of sitting in. But come in whenever you can. The half-day sits are great for deeping your practice and getting ready for the Easter Retreat.

And I promise a post about the retreat which shall reveal all in the next two days. 

Or my name isn’t Billy Steinenhoffmanschaeuer.


Nashville Secular Meditation Group meets on Sundays @ 9am. 

Check out our sittin’ brothers and sisters with which we share this space in both an practical sense and an abstract sense! Sitting this Sunday.

About the NSM: http://nashvillezencenter.org/nashville-secular-meditation/

NSM Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/567677990091025/


I’m getting excited about the Spring Retreat y’all. Stay Tuned!

~ Steph


Zen This Week: Stuff You *Need to Know*

Tuesday Night at 7pm || Two Sits and One Discussion

Nat is doing the discussion tonight and his topic is “Stuff you NEED TO KNOW!”

I honestly have no idea. But I’m intrigued. I can’t wait to hear what I’ve been missing out on this whole time.


Saturday Morning at 7am  || Tea Ceremony, A Half-Day Sit, and Heart Sutra

Yep. You read right. We’ll be starting at *7 am* this  Saturday. We’re gonna do it 12th South style. We will serve tea from what Nat is still *insisting* we call "Emperor Wu’s Imperial Tea Set". Then we sit for two 40 minute rounds with a 10 minute walking meditation break in between.  We’ll take a break for the bathroom, coffee, and cookies. Then we’ll punch reset on the whole scene and start our regular 9 am Saturday service (three 25 minute sits and the Heart Sutra Service at the end).

The idea is to get ready for our Easter Retreat (more info about that later this week).  It’s only a month away. If you are new to meditation or haven’t sat for long periods of time, a half-day sit is a really great way to prepare for a retreat. I did two half-day sits before my first full retreat and I have to say, it made the experience much more satisfying and enjoyable.

If you are looking to deepen your practice and have a fulfilling retreat, doing a half-day sit is a great place to start. We hope to do at least one other half-day sit before the Easter retreat starts.


Secular Meditation Group is meeting this Sunday at 9am!

That’s a great place to get extra sits in too, by the by. It’s like us but less baggage. Nothing but the sits. Check them out!

Keep Warm, Keep Dry ~ Steph