Zen this Week: Is this Banana yellow? & Café Coco Saturday

Tuesday Night at 7 || 2 Rounds of Sitting and one talk.
Tonight I'll be asking y'all a question. Is this banana yellow? What is yellow? Are colors even an actual *thing*? This may seem like a stupid question but I assure you it has bearing in Zen (as do all seemingly stupid questions).
Come tonight and let’s throw shade on shade!
No sitting this Saturday (1/27)! Our Beloved Sister Sangha, Against the Stream, is hosting the Southeastern Refuge Recovery Conference.
So instead… Wanna get some coffee?
If so, hit up Café Coco this Saturday around 8am. We’ll chat, have a few laughs, and if enough people are willing, we can start back up the book study!
The address is 
210 Louise Ave, Nashville, TN 37203
If you’ve never been to Coco, you should totally go. Coffee, breakfast, pasta, available 24 hours a day. How can you beat it?
I’ll be in the back room until noon just itching to see you.
We appreciate your practice, everybody 



Sitting tommorow morning at 7 am!

First sit since all the snow hit this Saturday!

I hope you see you there. I've missed the sits and I've missed you!

Barring another snowacolypse we should be back to our regularly scheduled zen programming.

Lurves and Bows




No One Home Tonight at Against the Stream! No NZC Service Tonight

Tonight! No sitting at Against the Stream...sorry. Please stay at home and read these wonderful texts, curtesy of James Ishmael Ford....


Stay warm and safe, Bodhidattvas!


No Zen Service on Saturday, January 13th!  

Schools are out...and so is the Saturday morning Zen service tomorrow. I know how disappointed many of you are...but your safety is foremost...well...next to Realizing the Great Way, THEN comes safety...but what IS safety, anyway? So, no NZC Service at Against the Stream on January 13th. Be well and SAFE...and warm....and dry.


Newcomer's Night tonight at 7pm!

Get all the basics of sitting meditation practice and go into 2018 prepared to be with anything!
See you soon!