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Raindrops and Boardmeetings

“Our effort is like raindrops; it doesn't create change in one day, or a few days, or a few years. But if we just keep doing it, when conditions are ripe, it happens”

Quote from Okumura who we'll be reading from tonight. Given the mudslides and flooding, it seemed appropriate. Starts at 7pm! Come even if you are late because with us you always arrive just on time!_


Hey what about the board meeting?!

It was awesome! I wish you could have been there!

Here's some of the “deliverables” (hey you need *some* biz talk at board meeting):


We are doing two all-day outdoor sits at Percy Warner Park: One for Spring; One in the Fall.


We will do one in-town weekend commuter retreat during the summer.


And we will do one residential retreat in a “nature setting” during the early winter.


That's all pretty much stuff we did last year. And we think it worked out! It was manageable and spaced out enough to allow for our insanely busy lives. I'm looking forward to doing it this year too.


We are still working on details so stay posted for dates, locations, and fees.


Other stuff: We are working on getting some t-shirts and stickers printed up.


Our social media needs an extreme makeover. The site and the email list is going to take some time to overhaul. But the mean time, we have a Twitter and Instagram now. That's something right?


You can find our Twitter and Instagram under: nashvillezen@gmail.com


So show some love if you are so inclined! I'm looking forward to posting memes, sangha quotes, and similar mindless nonsense of which we are so fond.


You guys are the best. Thanks for keeping it all going - what has got to be the weirdest quirkiest sangha this side of the Mississippi.


~ Steph

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