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Zen this Week || Ritual and the Ocean Poet

Tonight @ 7pm, after two rounds of sitting, I will be talking about ritual and whether it's just some old junk we cling to or whether we actually need it to do zen (Surprise! Probably both!). Even better, I'll be doing a demonstration... kinda. Come for green tea and see what I mean.

Saturday @ 7am, three rounds of sitting, the Heart Sutra Service and then the book study. Still working our way through Thich Nhat Hahn's "Old Path, White Clouds", one chapter at time. This chapter is 67, Ocean Poet, in which Buddha talks about the bad side of converting barbarians and later he steals a fisherman's poetry to proselytize.


A zillion Treasure Bows to the Tullahoma Zen Center for having a swell Jukai! Nat, Adam, and I had a wonderful time supping with y'all, petting Doug's dogs, and getting to know your sangha in your cute quirky UU church. You guys are great. It's always a pleasure to be there.

Specifically, sincere congratulations to Jancy (Daishi-Great Inspiration), Rosanna (Shosei-Bright Spirit), and Randy (Teiho-Faithfully Follow the Way). Welcome to the Sangha!

~ Steph

P.S. Robert's right. That big shiny bell y'all bought is bangin'!

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