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This Week in Zen: Crazy Cloud and Sip Cafe

Who's this old sourpuss? And why does he look so glum? And why does he suddenly cheer up when catching the eye of this cortesan?

Well, it turns out that he had a lot to say about that. That's right, we are talking about the orginal ODB himself, Ikkyu, Crazy Cloud. We'll read out some of his madcap poetry and discuss why he might be the most popular zen legend ever.

All happening 7pm tonight!

This Saturday at 7am: Three rounds of sittin', a Heart Sutra service, and afterwards we are going to Sip Cafe. If you have to sleep in and miss the sits, then you can still meet us at the cafe just down the road at around 9:30. I might even bring a certain card game that certain people in the sangha have been dying to play together.

Love y'all! See you soon!

~ Steph

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