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THE STORY? So originally this weekend, we were supposed to be having a retreat with Brad Warner, but he had to cancel (we are hoping he will reschedule). But hey, people had taken time out and were looking forward to a two day sit. And since sittin' comes first, that's what we are going to do.

WHEN? Saturday, August 4th starting at 9am. Then Sunday, August 5th starting at 9am. We won't be staying overnight. Just two all day sits. Back to back.

WHERE? 1420 Finnland Dr (37207). A beautiful AirBNB just 15 minutes from downtown Nashville (no really, check out the pictures). Out of town enough to be wooded and scenic but close enough to be convenient.

WHAT? A super casual commuter meditation retreat focused on just sitting.

WHY? Because sitting's good for you. At least while you are doing it, you ain't doing any harm. Plus you'll be supporting your pals and they'll be supporting you. In the end, what could be better?

AT WHAT COST? Look. Just come. If you got cash, then please give $50 per day or whatever you can afford. If you can't afford to pay anything, that's ok. Come sit anyway. Pay what you can at: http://nashvillezencenter.org/donate/

CONCLUSION? Sorry to spring this on you last minute. I'd be all grandiose about it and say it's the manic pixie inside me but really the details just came together this weekend. I'll get a schedule posted later this week.
Send any questions you got to info@nashvillezencenter.org or hit me up on Facebook messager.

Thanks for hanging in there. You're the best sangha a sitter like me could ever hope for.
~ Steph

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