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Zen This Week: Outdoor Sittin' Saturday (4/28) at Edwin Warner Park

Tuesday Night @ 7pm || Two Rounds of Sitting plus One Talk.
The talk? I'm going back to basics this week with the Granddaddy of Soto Zen, Dogen, and his take on how to sit and why we sit. For those of my fellow book nerds playing at home, I'm talking to tonight about the Fukanzazengi. Come out and see us. I'll actually have sweets this time, I swear.
Saturday Morning @ 7am to noon || OUTDOOR SIT AT EDWIN WARNER PARK!
The outdoor sittin' is simply the best!
Come join us for another outdoor sit starting at 7am on this Saturday (4/28) at Shelter 7 in Edwin Warner Park! Again, we'll be sitting at Shelter 7 (write that down kids, there are *alot* of shelters out there). Here are google directions from downtown (just plug your address in to the first address field and it will take you *straight* to the shelter
You can also email info@nashvillezencenter.org for directions if that's more your speed. On the day of, if you get lost, just message Steph Elder on Facebook. I'll have my phone by my side and I'll can direct you on your way in.
Wear removable layers! The weather report says it's supposed to be 66F but it's been mistaken recently. It's Tennessee! Be prepared for any clime! Hot and cold alike!
Remember: We won't be sitting on Gallatin. We are packing off the Great Wild Wonder of this fantastic municipal park!
We start sitting at 7am have the place booked until 3pm. We continue sitting for as long as we have bodhisattvas wanting to sit. 
Come out and enjoy the rentless and unstoppable majesty of nature with your fellow zanny zennies! Yes, we will have coffee and something to eat.
~ Steph

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