Zen This Week: The Gift of the Magi
Tuesday, December 11, 2018 at 1:54PM
Stephanie Elder

Tonight at 7pm! We get a bit into the spirit of the season and talk about the greatest Christmas Story Ever:  The Gift of the Magi. As theme on the ongoing series of talks of Zen to be found outside of the tradition, we’ll be exploring how the classic “Gift of the Magi” story matches up nicely with what Dogen said: In true giving “you become the giver and the receiver at the same time”. Just the thing we need to cure our Yuletide cynicism!

Also, this Saturday we are meeting at Sip Cafe after the sit (around 10am). And I’m bringing a dorky fast-paced card game for any of my fellow geeks that are interested!

A thousand thanks to Dave for flying all the way out to the boonies and trying to teach us a thing or two about the true teaching of hopelessness and the true faith of doing! Dave even gave us great press in the Angel City Zen Center newsletter: NZC “They have a really unique and down to earth approach to practice”.

Thanks, Dave! You were a big part of making that happen. We “hope” to see you soon!


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