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Reunions, Retreats, and how going nowhere can get you to places you’d never otherwise go

First things First: We got a retreat this weekend! Allright!

When? Friday 11/30 at 6pm (set-up & dinner at 4pm)
until Sunday 12/2 at 3pm (Adam’s initiation at 4pm)
Where? Penuel Ridge, Ashland City (about 15 minutes from the zen center)
Register? Please! RegOnline.com/EarlyWinterZen
Or give us cash or check at the event or pay via our PayPal or Venmo (nashvillezen).
I can’t do all of it; can I still come?
You know that our kinda zen is drop-in, drop-out, drop-off. If you want to come, come. If you have to bounce, bounce. Don’t worry if you can’t do all of it. Do what you can. You’ll get no guff from us. Ever.
Questions? But, of course. Send them to info@nashvillezencenter.org or hit me up in Facebook Messenger.
The wonderful and amazing Dave Cuomo is leading our retreat. Dave was one of pillars of the Nashville Zen Center for many years. And a number of our fellow zanny zennies that can’t make the retreat still want to see Dave. And I have good news for you!
The Taproom in 12 South at 7pm this Thursday we will be treating Dave to a sangha supper! So if you want to hang out with Dave while he’s in town, in casual setting, here’s your chance!
Tonight @ 7pm || We’ll do our usual two rounds of sitting plus a talk. And to really pull out the stops on promoting the retreat, I’ll be reading from Dave. Specifically,  I’ll be reading from a prayer book he created in divinity school. All the zen classics are there but his framing of them is ...unconventional, to say the least.

No Sitting on Gallatin this Saturday, only sitting at Penuel Ridge. You should totally come and check it out. It’s beautiful out there. Come even if you are broke. We are all broke in one way or the other. But we know you are good for it too, in one way or the other.
So excited to see you, whenever it is that I see you…

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