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The Early Winter Retreat

Hey y’all,

I finally got my act together and got the retreat info and press published. Here are the dets:

The retreat is from Friday, November 30th, at 4pm until Sunday, December 2nd, at 4pm. (That’s the weekend after Thanksgiving for y’all playing the holiday-social-obligation game like me).

$200 smackers gets you the full retreat with sitting on Friday evening, all day Saturday, and on through until Sunday afternoon along with overnight accomodations at the beautiful Penuel Ridge.

$75 for one day of sitting. There will be three square meals a day. Eat with us any time you are there. The rumor is that we will be doing low-key oryoki (zen formal dining).

What will we do? Well, sitting of course! But also some hiking, some yoga, and tons of zany zen fellowship. They’ll be a jukai at the end wherein we formally induct Adam into this crazy thing we do together.

And DAVE CUOMO IS COMING BACK TO LEAD IT. That’s right. *That* Dave. *Our* Dave. He’s fully a Zen Priest properly schooled and trained with a ton of relevant things to say.

He’s the main selling point of the whole retreat for me. That and I don’t want to miss an opportunity to get my head straight before the holidays. That’s a big benefit too.

Where can you register? Why, right here! RegOnline.com/EarlyWinterZen

Want more info? I made a page on our site especially for it! Feel free to share the flyer:

Shoot me any questions at info@nashvillezencenter.org

Sit with you soon everyone!

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