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Zen This Week: I’m So Metta Even This Acronym ...

Tonight @ 7pm: Two Rounds of Sitting then talkin’. What we talking about? The Metta Sutra and how the Metta Sutra might be the most Meta of all the Sutras. So come see what all this silliness is about.

Saturday @ 7am: Three Rounds of Sitting then the Heart Sutra Service. Then what else? Whatever you guys wanna within your own limits, of course. But I half suspect that it’s going to boil down doing the book study. So join us in our petty squabbles over what possibly made-up people did or didn’t do way back over two thousand and five hundred years ago … supposedly. It’s always amusing and, in it’s own humble way, illuminating.
Remember, we are having an Outdoor Sit at Edwin Warner Park Saturday after next (10/20). It will be at Shelter 8 from 7am until whenever we don’t wanna anymore (you know how we do). I’ll post the address next week so keep your peepers peeled.

Also, Sensei did agree to Skype with us again this month, Saturday October 27th. He said that he wanted it to be a Q&A format. So if you ever fantasized about pestering a real life Zen Master with your burning quandaries, now’s your chance.

Questions? Shoot ‘em my way: info@nashvillezencenter.org.

Metta Lurves
~ Steph

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