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This Week in Zen: 10,000 Buddha-Lands in One Drop of Water

Tonight at 7pm: I’ll be read bits and pieces of Dogen’s Mountains and Rivers Sutra in which Dogen states “The place where water exists is already beyond past, present, and future and beyond the world of dharma.”

The thing meanders a lot but I’m gonna try to boil it down to the mind-blowing bits that really get to the point: Nature is the best testament to the Buddhadharma there could ever be.  Maybe, even better than the historical Buddha himself. And while I’m being a incongruous gadfly, I might even go to into why we might not need to lose our shirts about Dogen himself (I know. Aren’t I being so rebellious? LOOK AT ME.)
Saturday at 7am: Three Rounds of sitting, the Heart Sutra service, skyping with Sensei.

Ever wanted to have one of those old dudes in fancy robes that appear on the back of Buddhist books to answer your most vexing questions? Whelp, here’s your chance! We are skyping with Sensei, Michael Elliston Roshi- the abbot of the Atlanta Soto Zen Center, after all of our usual rigmarole at 9:10 am. Come with your questions ready as I will be giving them to Sensei in a kind of talk show hostess style. Please bring difficult questions as they most often lead to the most vibrant discussions.
Plans are moving ahead for the Early Winter Retreat at Penuel Ridge (Friday Afternoon 11/30 to Sunday Afternoon 12/2). I hope to have the full details (a fleshed out schedule and place to register) posted by next week.
Hey, do what you can to take in all of this fall splendor. I do sincerely agree with Dogen that Nature is the best teacher when to comes to seeing reality for what it is.  Plus, fall isn’t just for basic white girls like myself to enjoy, you know?

~ Steph

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