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Zen This Week: Zen One-on-One and Zen 101

Tonight @ 7pm: Nat’s back and offering dokusan tonight (you know the thing where you go in the backroom ostensibly to talk about your practice but always wind up talking about your personal problems {wait...aren’t those kinda the same things?}). So if you wanna go in-depth about your practice with one person, now’s your lucky break.

I’ll also be reading from writings of our guiding teacher’s teacher, Masuoka and why he says the ultimate authority can’t be found on the outside but it’s not quite an inside job either. Some days I think we should just rebrand and call ourselves “Paradox International”.
This Saturday at 7am: OUTDOOR SITTING!

Kinda: We’ll be in under a roof in case of rain. Show up at Shelter 8 at Edwin Warner Park to observe Fall Weather in all of its splendor. They’ll be coffee, grub, and in honor of the occasion, readings from the Mountain and Rivers discourse by Dogen.

Fun! Click here for a google map that will take you right to the joint:

And if you possibly can, please throw $25 on the paypal so we can keep doing these silly escapades: http://nashvillezencenter.org/donate/

(Just to be clear, no sitting at Gallatin Pike, this Saturday. We are going all in at the outdoor sit in Edwin Warner Park!)


Speaking of silly escapades, Dave and I have been talking about our upcoming retreat at Penuel Ridge (Friday Afternoon, 11/30 til Sunday Afternoon, 12/2). Expect round-table koan discussion, yoga breaks, relaxed oryoki (i.e. zen eating). I am very much excited about it. More on all that soon.

~ Steph

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