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Tuesday Night at 7 | 2 sits and 1 talk

Nat is giving the dharma talk this week and continuing on his topic of mindfulness and how it’s probably not what you think. Paradoxically, trying to mindful is sometimes one of the least mindful things you can do. Zany Zen Stuff. Come check it out!


Saturday Morning at 8 | 3 sits and the Heart Sutra Service

Much like it reads. But it always with coffee, snacky-cakes and smiles. Of course, if you really want to punch up your practice this Saturday, you should totally come to . . .


The Memphis Zen Community Summer Retreat is *this weekend*

Our dear friends in our sister sangha is hosting this sesshin in Memphis starting Friday, August 11  until noon on Sunday August 13.

Sitting, dharma discussion, one-on-one teacher interviews (dokusan), a precepts ceremony, and excellent vegan/vegetarian food!

These are a wonderful crowd of folks. If you wish to deepen your practice, I cannot more highly recommend a retreat run by sincere practitioners.

Check out the info about the session here:


I’ll be heading down there myself Friday evening so hit me up on Facebook or info@nashvillezencenter.org if you want to carpool. Much excite!


FYI: Nashville Secular Meditation will resume meeting on Sunday, 8/27 at 9am. Until then, enjoy your summer and get on their Facebook to keep up with the latest NSM news.


Here’s hoping I’ll be sitting with you in the Crown Jewel of the Delta! ~Steph

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