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Tuesday Night at 7 | 2 sits and a Book Study

It’s the third Tuesday of the month so that means we are doing a chapter from “Old Path, White Clouds” by Thich Nhat Hahn.

We’re on chapter 62: Sariputta’s Roar. In which, Sariputta discovers the most ancient and powerful weapon in any skillful politician’s arsenal: The Humblebrag.

Come and listen to the chapter on tape. And then we’ll vigorously debate hierarchy and power structures in the O.G. sangha.



Saturday Morning at 8 || 3 sits and the Heart Sutra Service

Three rounds of 25 minute sitting and the Heart Sutra service. Tea, coffee, cookies and general life complaints shared among friends afterwards.


**Update** Nashville Secular Mediation will resume sitting not this Sunday but *next* Sunday (7/30). For more on this, check out their Facebook page.



Let’s congratulate Jonathan “Sangyo” on officially joining the sangha during the precepts retreat in Atlanta. Good to have you aboard!

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