ZEN THIS WEEK: The Gate opens only to The Perplexed

Tuesday Night at 7 pm | 2 sits and 1 talk

There’s nothing to attain in Zen. But if you had one emotion to shoot for, it would be perplexity. So let’s talk about that. I’ll be using Stephen Bachelor’s “Buddhism Without Beliefs” to back me up.


Saturday Morning at 8 am | 3 sits and 1 Heart Sutra Service

We are indeed sitting this Saturday. Come for three rounds of sitting, coffee, cookies, and light chanting. You know, all the things you’d want to write home about.


Reminder:  Nashville Secular Meditation is on Summer Recess until 7/23. So they’ll be back at “just sitting” not this Sunday but the Sunday after next.


Did you know there’s a big ol’ retreat happenin’ down in Hotlanta? Why yes, indeed. Our mothership the Atlanta Soto Zen Center is having 40th anniversary party.

How does a zen center celebrate? By sitting, of course! Well . . . that and holding an Art and Music Festival to boot.

The Precepts Retreat starts today, Tuesday, 7/11 and goes until Sunday, 7/16. Plenty of sitting and celebration to go around! Nat’s giving a dharma talk on Friday. And our very own Johnathan is taking the precepts Sunday. Yay!

Read up on the event here.

Register here.

And ask us as many questions as you want about the event or ASZC here (info@nashvillezencenter.org).


Knock ‘em dead, Nat! You always do!

I’m so excited we are finally getting you Jukai, Johnathan! We’ve been waiting for this for a while.


An Excellent Week to All ~ Steph

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