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ZEN THIS WEEK: Sittin’ ‘n’ Sushi?

Tuesday Night at 7 | 2 sits and 1 ??

Nat says he’s got a surprise for us tonight and that it involves “Ken’s Sushi”.  .  . So  .  .  . ?

 I dunno. Your guess is as good as mine.



Saturday Morning at 9am | 3 sits and the Heart Sutra Service 

Come one, come all to our Saturday Morning Sit! No special experience or advanced degrees required. Just the earnest and simple desire to start your weekend off right. Coffee and cookies to follow afterwards.

Magic cookies from Cambodia sent with love from our favorite Dharma Squirrel, Liz.


Secular Sit this Sunday, folks! Nashville Secular Meditation will be happy to see you this Sunday morning at 9am!


Did you know?

Our humble NZC is a member of *real* Zen Order. Like legit. The Silent Thunder Order. Dude.

And we got peeps all the way up in Nova Scotia, out to Montana and into deepest marshlands of Florida. If you ever want to spread your wings and fly from our tiny NZC nest, we got a lot of Zen brethren and sisthern you can check out.

For you humble consideration, I present to you Storder.org and the April 2017 STO Newsletter posted on our Facebook. Guess what sangha features prominently in the pictures? :)



Today has excellent weather. Expect some outdoor sitting soon.

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