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Tuesday Night Sit @ 7pm | 2 sits and The Book Study

Yep. Book Study tonight.

The Book? Old Path, White Clouds by Thich Nhat Hanh

Tonight’s Chapter? 59: The Net of Theories, in which the Buddha discusses the competing cults and philosophies of his day.

No Book? No Problem! We read parts of the chapter aloud before discussion and there are copies of the book in the zendo so people can follow along. Absolutely everyone is invited to participate.


Saturday Morning @ 7am *again* | Tea Ceremony, A Half-Day Sit, and Heart Sutra

Yep! Starting at 7am again this week. A half-day sit 12th South style!

Tea Ceremony and two 40 minute sits with 10 minutes of walking meditation in between. After that we’ll take a break, get some biscotti and coffee and start our regular sit at 9 am (three rounds of 25 minute sits with the Heart Sutra to close us out).

Start at 7am and stay for the whole deal and you’ll have gotten a half-day’s worth of sitting in. But come in whenever you can. The half-day sits are great for deeping your practice and getting ready for the Easter Retreat.

And I promise a post about the retreat which shall reveal all in the next two days. 

Or my name isn’t Billy Steinenhoffmanschaeuer.


Nashville Secular Meditation Group meets on Sundays @ 9am. 

Check out our sittin’ brothers and sisters with which we share this space in both an practical sense and an abstract sense! Sitting this Sunday.

About the NSM: http://nashvillezencenter.org/nashville-secular-meditation/

NSM Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/567677990091025/


I’m getting excited about the Spring Retreat y’all. Stay Tuned!

~ Steph

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