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Zen This Week: Newcomer’s Night, Moving, & An All Day Sit Celebration with Sensei 


Tonight is the 1st ever Newcomer’s Night. If you are new to Zen and want to hear all about it or if you just have wanted to pop by and check us out for a while, we have a cushion just for you!
Because of our location upgrade, we are switching over our Intro to Zen class from the first Saturday of the month to a Newcomer’s Night on the first Tuesday of the month. The content will be the same. You’ll get a brief introduction to Buddhism, some Zen history, and a lot of instruction on how to do seated meditation.
Please bring $10 to donate to the center or whatever you can swing (even if that’s nada). We’re here to practice meditation not count money; we just happen to need to keep the lights on too. So throw some kopeks our way if you can spare them. We start at 7pm tonight at the new location 3123 Gallatin Pike.
Saturday (11/11) we are sitting at 7am at Gallatin Pike. Then we are moving our stuff out of Plus Park. You’d be doing the sangha a real solid if you could find it in your heart full of boundless compassion to tote a couple cushions and boxes for us this Saturday.  Please meet us at Gallatin Pike after the sitting (around 9am) if you wish to help with the move.
Saturday After Next (11/18) is All-Day Sit with Sensei and Woo-woo Ceremonies!
We are very pleased to announce that Abhilash has finished his vestments and is ready to receive the precepts as a disciple. Congratulations, Abhilash! Sewing a Rakusu is no mean feat!
We are equally pleased that James has decided to formally join our group lovable lunatics that we call a sangha. He will be taking the precepts as an initiate. So our guiding teacher, Michael Elliston Roshi, has taken it upon himself to come up to Nashville and perform the ceremonies: Abhilash’s Zaike Tokudo and James’ Jukai.

How do we properly celebrate such grand occasion? Well, with sitting, of course. What else?

So it’s all day sit with two ceremonies and Sensei. More details next week after we’ve hammered out the finer points.


Hey, Thanks for hanging in there throughout all these changes. It means a lot to us. ~ Steph



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