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Zen this Week: Problems vs Decisions vs the Holidays

Tonight at 7pm, we’ll have two sits and a discussion. I’ll be reading from Charlotte Joko Beck’s “Everyday Zen” in which she discusses how decisions don’t have to be problems if we know what we are. Also, she rags on the Holidays a bit. That’s the part that’s speaking to me anyway.


Just a regular Saturday Morning Sit at 7am in four days’ time. Join us for 3 rounds of 25 minute sits then coffee, cookies, and whatever silly things we happen to cook up to talk about that day.


Next Tuesday Night (11/28), we’ll be having a Memorial Dinner in honor of our lineage founder Zengaku Soyu Matsuoka, Roshi. We’ll be having his favorite meal Mizutaki (vegetables in broth). We ask for a contribution of $50, for the meal…or whatever you can afford.  All proceeds benefit the Silent Thunder Order and Sensei. But please don’t let lack of funds keep you away. We want to chow down and talk with you in any case.


Congratulations Taiken (James) and Reiro (Abhilash) on taking the next steps in deepening formal practice! And to Antone, whose impeccable anagrams made for one amusing cake.


~ Steph

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