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Zen This Week: Precepts, Smecepts

Tuesday Night at 7pm || Two Sits and One Discussion

Tonight at Gallatin Pike, we discuss the Buddhist Precepts: What they are, what they mean, and how you can spin them around to get something completely different, vis-à-vis Bodhidharma.

 We do this because we have two Precepts Ceremonies coming up. Speaking of which  . . .


All Day Sit *This* Saturday (11/18)

WHERE? The Clubhouse, Right across from 8569 Sawyer Brown Rd. Nashville TN 37227

A bit of a serpentine road behind some Belleuve condos; Can’t miss it for the pool in back.

WHEN? Sits Starting at 7am. Drop in and drop out as you have need. Retreat format with structured sit times and breaks. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. Precepts ceremonies start around 2pm.

WHY? Abhilash is becoming a disciple. James is becoming an intiate. Sensei is coming up to see us and to officiate. We are stupid happy about all of that. So how do Zen people celebrate? Why by sitting, of course! Also  . . . there *may* be cake. Can’t turn down sits and cake, right?

HOW MUCH? Just $25 if you can swing it. But please come anyway if you can. Bring cash or pay via paypal here (  http://nashvillezencenter.org/donate/ )

WHAT ELSE? Please comment on this post on Facebook or write us at info@nashvillezencenter.org to let us know you are coming. You can also write us for more detailed directions or with any questions you may have.

No sitting at Gallatin this Saturday! We’ll all be at the clubhouse!


Be sitting with you fine folks real soon. Thanks everyone for helping us move! Here’s hoping for Full Mountain Sitting from here! ~ Steph


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