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The Sits they are a-changin’!

Last Night at 325 Plus Park Tonight! Nat’s giving the final talk at 7pm.

Then this starting this Saturday (11/4) at 7am we begin sitting at Against the Stream (3123 Gallatin Pike). Yep. 7 in the a.m.

These are exciting times! But they are going to come with a few format changes.

Because our host sangha, Against the Stream, has classes on Saturday morning, we have revert back to the old Saturday sitting start time of 7 am. But that also means we are changing the Intro to Zen Class from the first Saturday of the month into a Newcomer Night on the first Tuesday of the month.

So I gotta lot changes to make to the website! Please bear with us as we shift things around and figure somethings out. If stuff is confusing, just email us (info@nashvillezencenter.org) and we’ll sort it all out.

I can’t wait until you guys see the new place. It’s so unbelievably nice. And the people of Against the Stream have thought of everything! We won’t even need to bring our stuff! We’re just gonna put it in storage (speaking of, can you guys help us with that on  11/11?).

Anyway. Check on the site and Facebook to keep posted and please pardon our progress!

Lurves! ~Steph

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