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Zen This Week: Taking the “I” out of Ideal

Tuesday Night Sit @ 7 || 2 sits and 1 talk

Tonight we take on the problem with both having and not having ideals using the inimitable and direct Pema Chodron’s “Start Where You Are”


Outdoor Sit this Saturday (10/14)!

Come join us at Edwin Warner park in Shelter 7 for a beautiful fall all day sit. We will start at 8 am and go as long as our Bodhisattva Buns carry us. As usual, drop in and drop out as you have need.

Coffee & Pumpkins Muffins for Breakfast and Bread & Split Pea Miso Soup for Lunch. 

$10 for the sit if you can spare it, ok if you can’t. Still come an enjoy the splendor that is a Tennessee forest in fall.

These Google directions will take you straight from downtown Nashville to the shelter. Or you can clear out the start directions and voilà! Step by step directions from your doorstep to our outdoor zendo for the day.

Here is a Edwin Warner Park map for further reference.

(No sitting at Plus Park Blvd, we’ll all be at Edwin Warner!)


Remember we are moving in with Against the Stream in the beginning of November. If you want to check out what will be our new digs, zoom by 3123 Gallatin Pike.


Nat gave talk on Buddhism to a *ton* of people at Sri Gensha Temple last Sunday. Thanks for givin’ the good ol’ Dharma Wheel a whirl, Nat! If you want to check out his talk, it was put on YouTube by crazily clever Abhilash. Check it out:



Our thanks to you both for your hard work for the sangha ~ Steph

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