All Night Sit Tonight! (No Saturday Sit tomorrow $

Just a friendly reminder: 

They’ll be no Saturday Sit at Gallatin because we will be sitting up all night at 8588 Sawyer Brown Rd. tonight!

The all night sit starts at 9pm tonight and goes til about 7am tomorrow morning.

They’ll be food, covfefe, and (perhaps most importantly) sleeping bag you can use to take a nap.

Here’s some extracurricular reading about Rohatsu (a.k.a. Bodhi Day) to get you in the spirit:


Hope to sit with you soon!

~πŸŒ πŸ“ΏπŸ™πŸΌ


Rohatsu! The All Night Sit! This Friday at 9pm! (12/8)

What’s Rohatsu? Rohastu is the celebration of day of Buddha’s Enlightenment. How do we celebrate it? By sitting up all night, of course. Cuz’ that’s what he did. If you want what the Buddha got you do what the Buddha did.
But it’s not as hardcore as it sounds. Just simple unstructured sitting.  They’ll be food to eat and a place to nap. You can get up, walk around, eat and sleep when you have need. After all, it’s just sitting. And it’s just staying up all night. You’ve done both those things before, right?
Anyway, if you want to join us Buddhas-To-Be meet us at
The Clubhouse, directly across from
8588 Sawyer Brown Rd,
Nashville, TN 37221
We’ll have a sign out front and a swimming pool in the back. So you can’t miss us. But in case you do, IM Steph on Facebook or call 615-714-4656. We’ll navigate you there.
We start at 9pm on Friday and we will finish around 7am on Saturday. Come for as little or as much as you like. Come when you can, leave when you gotta, like always.
Towards the end, they’ll be some brief readings about the night that bottom dropped out on Buddha. But otherwise, we’ll just strike a bell once an hour and you’ll be left to sit with your much weirder and looser night-time thoughts that you rarely get to witness.
$15 bucks on Paypal (see our donation page) or in person if you can swing it. Ok if you can’t.
Let’s do what people as crazy as Buddha will being doing all over the world Friday. Sit up all night breathing and see what happens.
Lurves ~ Steph



Tonight is Newcomer's Night...and Announcing NZC's 2017 Rohatsu All Night Sit

Tonight is Newcomers Night! We will be teaching Zen 101. Those new to Zen practice, the interested, the curious, the seeking...all are welcome. Regular members are welcome to join us, and we'll create a space for those wishing to "just sit". Class begins at 7:00 pm! Tea and snacks served afterwards. See you there! 

SPECIAL EVENT: Out 2017 Rohatsu (observing the anniversary of Buddha's Enlightenment) Celebration will be this Friday night, at the River Plantation Section X Clubhouse. How do we celebrate the Tagathata's Awakening? Why, by sitting (zazen) all night, of course. From 9:00 pm until 6:00 am on Saturday morning. This is basically a one day sit...but at night. Refreshments served. Zen monasteries and temples all over the planet will be doing similar practice. Location directions and other details will be posted here. Please join us!


No Dinner Tonight! Just sits and a talk.

Yea, so, remember how I posted about having the Founder’s Dinner this week?

Well, we took a hard look at ourselves Saturday Morning and realized that we were really burnt out. Afraid so. With the move, the one day sits, the ceremonies, and the holidays. It’s been one wild month.

But it’s been well worth it. I really believe that.


Tonight just two sits and a talk by Nat at 7pm. Saturday Morning at 7am we’ll do three sits, the Heart Sutra, and chat over coffee.

Simple but good. Classic, even.


And maybe we’ll get sushi next week in place of the dinner. *Maybe* If we feel up to it.

Take care. Especially self-care. πŸ’•


Zen this Week: Problems vs Decisions vs the Holidays

Tonight at 7pm, we’ll have two sits and a discussion. I’ll be reading from Charlotte Joko Beck’s “Everyday Zen” in which she discusses how decisions don’t have to be problems if we know what we are. Also, she rags on the Holidays a bit. That’s the part that’s speaking to me anyway.


Just a regular Saturday Morning Sit at 7am in four days’ time. Join us for 3 rounds of 25 minute sits then coffee, cookies, and whatever silly things we happen to cook up to talk about that day.


Next Tuesday Night (11/28), we’ll be having a Memorial Dinner in honor of our lineage founder Zengaku Soyu Matsuoka, Roshi. We’ll be having his favorite meal Mizutaki (vegetables in broth). We ask for a contribution of $50, for the meal…or whatever you can afford.  All proceeds benefit the Silent Thunder Order and Sensei. But please don’t let lack of funds keep you away. We want to chow down and talk with you in any case.


Congratulations Taiken (James) and Reiro (Abhilash) on taking the next steps in deepening formal practice! And to Antone, whose impeccable anagrams made for one amusing cake.


~ Steph