Nashville Secular Meditation

Nashville Secular Meditation was founded in 2017 to provide a group meditation experience free from religious content. Silent meditation has many benefits, and this group was founded to provide an opportunity to sit with others, without practicing or endorsing any particular creed or religion, spirituality, philosophy, psychology, or belief system.

All are welcome to participate: atheists or agnostics, as well as those with religious affiliation of any kind.

We are grateful to Nashville Zen Center for opening their doors and sharing their meditation space to make this possible.

This is a new effort, and we are experimenting with the format. Currently, we meet for one hour and sit silently together for two 25-minute periods separated by a 5-minute quiet or silent rest in which one may stretch, walk around, use the restroom or drink some water, etc.


Meditation instruction will not be provided. If you have absolutely no experience meditating, this group may not be the best place for you to begin. There are many ways to learn how to meditate, including guidelines here on the Nashville Zen Center website – we recommend you practice sitting alone at home or with a group where you can receive instruction before coming to a Nashville Secular Meditation meeting. However, once you can sit on your own comfortably for 15 or 20 minutes, you will probably be ready to join us for an hour-long meditation – it’s surprising how much easier it is to sit for a sustained period in the company of others.

Plan to arrive at the Zen center a few minutes before the meeting begins. Wear loose, comfortable clothing; those with religious affiliation are kindly asked to refrain from wearing robes or vestments.

Nashville Secular Meditation meets:

Sunday mornings, 9 – 10 am


This meeting schedule is subject to change! To stay informed, please join the Nashville Zen Center email list.

Schedule changes, as well as light-hearted discussion, will also be posted to our FaceBook group, which we encourage you to join:

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Nashville Secular Meditation

Just sitting

no robes
no incense
no bowing
no chanting
no sutras
no dogmas
no stick
no Buddha

no worries.