The NZC depends on your support

We are a non-profit corporation organized under the laws of Tennessee since 2000, and are tax-exempt as a religious organization. Donations to the Nashville Zen Center are tax-deductible as long as they are made by check or other form of payment acceptable as proof to the Internal Revenue Service.

The Nashville Zen Center survives by donations alone. As you can see on this site, we have numerous events ongoing and planned for the near future, all of which incur expenses. We also have an obligation towards the upkeep and rent of the 12South Dharma Center. If you sit with us, attend our events, find the information on this site useful in your own practice, or simply want to help Zen Buddhist practice grow and thrive in the Nashville area, please donate what you can!

Interested in becoming a member?

Membership in the NZC follows the "NPR model" - being considered a member of the NZC simply means that you are an interested participant that has made a yearly pledge of support. We do throw in the obligatory t-shirt as well! Primarily, it supports the NZC's continued existence. A small portion of our donations go to support the Silent Thunder Order, which is the practice path and teaching organization led by Sensei Tauin Michael Elliston Roshi, based out of Atlanta. This connection provides a path of instruction in Zen practice and a formal path that is recognized by the Soto Zen Buddhist Association of the U.S. and Soto Shu in Japan.

The vast majority of our support is for purely pragmatic purposes- paying rent, upkeep, and utilities for an appropriate space for Zen practice and training. Our baseline request for membership is a $40/month pledge. Lesser and greater amounts are accepted; the important thing is consistency, as a monthly pledge of any amount helps our Board of Directors in forecasting for the upcoming year.

But the most important part of membership is your presence, being here to sit zazen and to support your fellow members!



You can donate by clicking on the Paypal button. To make a recurring donation, donate using your paypal account and choose the "Make this recurring" option to set up a pledge, or you can mail your donations to:

Nashville Zen Center
8553 Sawyer Brown Rd.
Nashville, TN 37211

Please contact us if you have questions. And thanks for your support!